Celloglasing is a thin plastic film applied to the surface of your business card also called laminating.

Celloglasing offers higher durability to your card. Because there is a plastic coating over the cards surface it reduces the scuffing or scratching of cards in your pocket, purse or wallet.

Gloss Celloglasing

This shiny, glossy surface brings about a significant change to your business card's presentation. Everyone is not in agreement as to whether this finish is a lift in presentation though.

The gloss celloglasing is applied both sides of your card which means that you are unable to write on the back of your cards with a normal pen.

Some people believe the gloss finish lifts their presentation whilst others feel it cheapens theirs. It is up to personal preferrence.

We have found that it is more retail or trade type businesses that select a gloss celloglasing.

Matt Celloglasing

Matt celloglasing offers a silky smooth matt plastic finish which is applied to both the front and back of your card. This finish provides a protective coating to your cards surface as well as a silky classy feeling.

This matt surface can be written on with most ball point pens quite easily.

We strongly suggest you get a sample pack of cards posted out to you so you can see and feel the difference between all the finishes we offer. Click here for a Sample Pack.

Celloglasing vs UV coating

Celloglasing is a much more expensive process to apply than UV. The process of applying UV is toxic and the print industry is being forced to phase it out as laws and regulations make the UV process unmanagable.

Celloglasing is stronger, more durable and more scratch resistant. It offers a much more refined smooth surface which doesn't crack if the card is bent.