Most probably it will be too late to change anything.

In order to get your business cards printed and dispatched to you as soon as possible most artwork is processed within twelve hours. Once the artwork has been done and your order has progressed to the Printing Status, then it is definitely too late.

You CANNOT make the cahnge yourself. Once you have placed an Order - your business cards are locked to your order in the state which you ordered it. Any changes you make on the website will only effect your NEXT order and NOT your current order.

Follow these Steps

  1. Log on to our website with your email and password
  2. Find at the top of the screen the list of your Recent Orders
  3. On the right of the current Order in question read its' Status
  4. If the Status is at Artwork then email us your changes*
  5. If the Status is at Printing, then you are too late

* Please note that the fact you send us an email does NOT guarantee that the change can be made. We will do our best to make the change and email you back either way. We may well be in the process of doing the artwork on your cards and be unable to effect any changes.