When buying anything internationally with your credit card, Visa or Mastercard handle the exchange rate for you. This is a simple process where you are charged in your local currency for the purchase. There's nothing left for you to do.

You will be charged in your currency by your credit card supplier.

Your credit card statement will detail the Australian dollar amount, the current rate of conversion, and then the amount you are being charged in your own currency.

Because exchange rates change as much as every minute, we can not tell you exactly how much you will be charged in your local currency. But we do know the rate generally and we give you an indication in your Shopping Cart as to the expected value.

Food is my currency. What is yours. Credit Card Security

We take internet security seriously and have employed one of the most secure processes for transacting between you, us and the banks.

For your own peace of mind please have a look at our FAQ on Secure online payments.