Choosing the right File Type for uploading.

It is very important to choose the best file format and the best resolution for your files or you may be disappointed with the printed result. The aim of this game is to achieve a crisp sharp image, logo and text.

Three factors come into play to achieve the best result: File Type; Image Resolution; and File Compression.

File Types

If you are supplying a whole business card, text and logos/images, then the best file type today is a pdf file. Your pdf file needs to be set up correctly or it can let you down.

If you are uploading a photograph of yourself or an image of a product you sell then for this kind of multi coloured and graduated colours type of image is a jpg file.

So lets go through a simple check list to help you decide which is best for you.

PDF file

  • Whole Business Card
  • Artwork with text in it
  • Multiple components: images and text
  • Your graphic artists has already done the artwork for you

JPG file

  • Photographs of people
  • Images of products
  • Photographs of buildings, cards, landscapes
  • Logos with multi graduated colours
  • Graphs and charts with colours fading or blending into other colours

There is much more to learn about each type. Read through the other pages to get more detailed and fine tuned information on setting up your file correctly.