We do get asked from time to time whether someone can have their order for 250 cards split up into 125 cards for one person and 125 for another name.

Another question is whether an order for 1,000 cards can be 4 different names of 250 cards each.

Splitting Orders

Our print process does not allow for this to happen. The way we print is in batches of 250, 500 and 1,000.

So if you were to want just 125 cards, we actually have to put this on a 250 size print run. We cannot stop half way through and change the printing plates to change the name for you as this would add considerable cost to the job.

Quantity Prices

The discount we offer on the larger quantities is based on the fact that we actually do a print run of these sizes. So if you order 1,000 cards, we are printing 1,000 cards for many people at the same time and your cards are put on that print run. So if you require 4 lots of 250 cards then your cards need to take up 4 places on our 250 print run and hence get charged out accordingly 4 x the 250 price.

We hope this all makes sense. But the short answer is no this is not possible due to the way we print which enables us to offer the keen prices we have.