An often overlooked item amongst the tools that small companies use is the business card.

Small business saving from Australia. This inexpensive tool can actually be one of the most powerful marketing and promotional small business tools if implemented and used correctly in your everyday activity.

If you institute some or all of these ideas on how to use this amazing tool, you will be guaranteed of building new enquiries without blowing your budget. You're on your way to increasing your sales.

1) Make sure you always give out 2 cards at a time. Whenever someone wants to communicate to a friend or colleague about the product you just delivered or the service you just completed, they will have your advertisement handy to give out on your behalf.

2) Whenever you complete a job, or deliver the product, be sure to include 2 or 3 cards in with your delivery. If you believe in your product or service people will talk about you.

3) Ask friends and associates whether you can place a small pile of cards on their countertop. This is seen as a recommendation and therefore you jump to the top of the queue in their mind of possible suppliers.

4) Whenever you call in on or drop off something to a client, leave a card with the neighbours writing on the back 'I was just next door, I service this area regularly.' This is a great recommendation giving you credibility.

5) Whenever you call to see someone and they are not there, leave your card under the door.

6) A good business card design will have space on the back so you can write on it. Whenever you need to jot something down for someone, be it a price or address etc, make sure you use your business card to write on. Always have several handy in a shirt pocket or handbag.

7) Be sure to always include one business card with any office mailing. Your card will be on top of their desk and if they are asked about your kind of product or service, your card is there prompting them to remember you to their friends and colleagues.

Your Business Card

One box of cards is a toolbox of small business tools.

Remember it's these little steps that might save you from having to spend a lot on a major advertising campaign. These simple actions if integrated into your everyday routine can keep your company growing and those new enquiries flowing.

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