I want to supply my own artwork for my business cards. How do I do this?

There is no extra charge if you wish to supply your own artwork for us to print. But this is a self serve service. ie You need to know what you are doing.

Uploading your own Artwork for your Business Cards is easy. We have provided the following help for you to be as successful as possible in supplying your own artwork in a format that will give the best printed result.

There are several things you need to know about file types and sizes. Looking good on a computer screen and printing crisp and sharp are two completely different things!

It is difficult to know where to start as everyone has different amounts of knowledge and everyone asks us different questions. We will cover everything possible here with headings to quickly guide you to your area of need, but it is recommended that you read through all sections as the 'bit' you thought you knew may not be as comprehensive as required to get the best results for your cards.

For those of you who know what they are doing, read the Artwork Specs section which presents the specifications you require in brief.

What FILE TYPES can I Upload to your site? And What is the best file type to use?

Is there a limit on the FILE SIZE?

What are the MEASUREMENTS of the cards and artwork?

How do I set up Adobe Acrobat DISTILLER to get the best result from my PDF file?