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"they rub them in their fingers"

"Dear Gavin and the Click Business Cards team,
On behalf of every one here at Globalise we truly thank you for our fabulous business cards. Every one that I hand them to has an immediate positive response about the feel and quality. They either say it, or you can see how they rub them in their fingers.
Internet Marketing is a relatively new industry and being able to list our array of services on the back is a great way for customers to understand where we can add value. (I actually hand my cards out backwards because the red background makes such an impact).
Many thanks and I look forward to re-ordering many more.
Tony Nash
National Sales Manager

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Internet Marketing business cards About our Customer

Need Internet Marketing in North Sydney?

Globalise is an Internet Marketing company offering services in the following area:
1. Strategic Planning for Internet Marketing
2. Search Engine Optimisation (also called Website Optimization and SEO services.)
3. Search Engine Positioning
4. Pay-per-click campaign management with Google, Yahoo / Overture, Looksmart and other engines.
5. Return-on-Investment Conversion Tracking, designed to track the success of an online marketing campaign.
6. Website design and development.
7. KUIconnect! - Live customer service software for online help and sales support.
Globalise is an IBM Business Partner and builds successful internet businesses for itself and its customers.

Visit their website www.globalise.com.au.