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Need a Health practitioner in Hobart?

We are a husband and wife team, practising natural medicine in Hobart. In particular peter is a massage therapist, specialising in deep muscle ligament therapy, which had it's origins in europe. Peter learned this technique in switzerland as part of a course in rehabilitation.
So what is deep muscle ligament therapy anyway?
Peter specifically massages the second and third layers of muscle tissue. These layers lie close to the bones and are usually missed by conventional massage techniques. The answer to crippling problems often lies in the muscles and ligaments!
Andrea is a nutritionist, herbalist, iridologist, collectively referred to a naturopath. A naturopath can diagnose personal dietary weaknesses and explain how to replenish deficiencies and correct the functioning of body tissue and blood etc. Naturopathy is based on the ancient knowledge that given the correct environment, including diet, relaxation, meditation, exercise etc. The body can start to function better. (not to mention the mind!)